ARCHAEOLOGY: Can you dig it? Students participate in an archaeological excavation to apply digging techniques and examine authentic artifacts, including real bones! They use their investigation skills to complete a CSI challenge.

ASTRONOMY: Take a trip through the cosmos and unravel the mysteries of the universe! Students use telescopes, learn about lasers, pressure and light, and are introduced to the fundamental principles of physics.

ATHLETICS: Let’s get moving Golden Hawks! Enthusiastic instructors demonstrate that exercise is fun! Students participate in exciting co-operative games, rock climb, and take part in an aerobic workout. Students of all abilities and fitness levels enjoy this active course.

BUSINESS: Show me the money! Students are introduced to valuable business concepts and play an interactive and educational computer simulation called “Gazillionaire”. They also learn how a business operates through social media, marketing and advertising.

COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA STUDIES: Immerse yourself in the media that surrounds you! Students explore different ways we communicate, learn about the complex history of media and discover how social media is impacting our changing world.

SCIENCE: You get to be the scientist! Students perform experiments on DNA, acids and bases, and invisible ink. Students delight in explosive experiments and understand how polymers form by making colourful “goo”.

MUSIC: Lets make music! Students of all musical abilities enjoy this energetic course. It is an opportunity to create interactive and unique music, compose using boomwhackers and other interesting instruments, and learn about different genres of music.

PSYCHOLOGY: See psychology in action! To learn how the brain controls our actions, students are introduced to psychology and human behaviour while wearing perception goggles, completing language tests, and learning about memory.

THEATRE: Lights, camera, action! Students gain practical skills and acting techniques such as improvisation, musical theatre, and tableau. Small groups work together to develop and present skits which allow students to explore their creativity and originality.

Courses are subject to change.