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Grade 5-8 Students Have a Great Experience at JUMP

      By: Susan MacKenzie

Junior University Multidisciplinary Program (JUMP


Experience what JUMP has to offer:

Over 25,000 students and teachers have experienced JUMP at Laurier. JUMP is a one to three day program for students in grades 5 to 8. During May and June classes participate in a unique educational environment. By completing engaging and hands-on courses, living and eating on campus and enjoying energetic activities at the athletic complex and the Turret, students are introduced to a university setting that encourages curiosity and excitement about learning.


From wearing perception goggles and learning about the brain in psychology to conducting polymer experiments in science to participating in an archaeological dig, JUMP offers something for every student.  While completing courses in athletics, archaeology, astronomy, communications, business, geography, music, science, psychology and theatre, students explore new subjects, learn about post-secondary education and discover possible career paths. Outside of the classroom, students enjoy leadership activities, the popular team cheer-off, a campus tour, and bonding with friends and teachers.


JUMP is where fun meets education! We hope that your school will join us in May and June 2017. For more information and to learn more about registration and camp dates for JUMP 2017 please visit